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We are here to move your goods safe and secure.We are fully service logistics . We want to help our clients by moving homes, offices, appartments,villas and warehouse etc with low cost that our clients can afford.If you want to know prices , please fill the right side form and submit, We will response you as soon as possible.Thanks

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We are professional in safe and secure storage. We have warehouses for your storage. Don't hesitate for your goods, we are here to help you in storing safe and secure your goods. Just provide details of goods in the right side GET QUOTE form. We will response you as soon as possible.

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Al Rafha Movers Company - Professional Dubai relocations experts

For most people, relocations mean going through the motions of disassembling your furniture at home, packing them up in boxes, putting them in the truck, and unpacking them in your new home. While some may find this to be a welcome task, others find it tedious, time-consuming, and tiresome. That is where we come in.

If you are looking for professional movers in Dubai to facilitate your relocation, there is one name you can always count on – Al Rafha Movers & Storage, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in the country today.

One of the most dependable movers companies in the country today

Here at Al Rafha, we believe that the moving experience can be stress-free, quick, and easy, with the help of professional assistance. As a full-service movers company in Dubai, we have the equipment and personnel to make your move more convenient. We will carefully and systematically dismantle your furniture before putting them in their individual packages for the move. Moreover, our personnel will arrange your valuables strategically in our delivery vansto ensure that the packages do not move or budge throughout the move. 

Unlike other movers companies, our professional packers have been trained in the international standards of packing, so you can rest assured that your valuables will be kept secure in their boxes for the duration of the trip.

Upon arriving at your new location, our packers will carefully unload and unpack your valuables and belongings, while you survey your new house. Then you can direct us where to assemble and place your furniture, and we will take care of the rest.

If you have furniture or belongings that you are not ready to let go, but are not planning to use in your new home, you can have them stored at our fully-equipped storage warehouse. And when you finally want your items retrieved, you can get in touch with our company, and we will have them delivered at your doorstep.

With our company, you get full-service coverage, from start to finish. Do not settle for anything for less than the best from other companies. For professional movers in Dubai, get in touch with Al Rafha today.

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